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Interpreting and/or Transcribing Services

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act, services must be provided if a request for accommodations is made by a person with a disability.

Academic‑related requests

The Student Disability Services (SDS) provides sign language interpreting and/or transcribing services for all academic‑related requests. This includes classes, study groups, required attendance at special events, meetings with advisors or professors, tutorials, and field trips on a case‑by‑case basis (exceptions include field trips that are fee‑based, are more than a two‑hour drive from the Knoxville campus, and/or extend overnight).

Nonacademic‑related requests

Individual departments and/or programs are responsible for covering the costs of interpreting and transcribing services for nonacademic programs and events.

SDS, through OED, is available to provide sign language interpreting and/or transcribing services for all university‑sponsored events for a fee. Sign language interpreting and/or transcribing services for faculty and staff may be requested through the accommodation process administered by OED.

Service priority

SDS has established service priority in providing interpreting and transcribing services. All academic‑related events—for example, field trips, study groups, and special events—that students are required to attend have highest priority. The complete list of service priority is available at

Publicity guidelines

We suggest you add the icon and the statement below to all informational brochures, packets, and websites to inform all participants of the procedures for requesting accommodations.

“Please contact (contact’s name, office, and phone number) 30 days in advance for plays and concerts and 14 days in advance for all other programs/events to request disability‑related accommodations, such as printed materials in alternative format (e.g., large print or Braille), sign language interpreters, transcribers, accessible seating, and parking information.”

Where appropriate, please use the following icons on your promotional and registration materials. Click image to view and download a larger version (right click and save), or download all as a zip file.

Transcribing icon with keyboard and hand

Transcribing Services Available

Sign Language Icon with two hands signing

Sign Language Interpreting Services Available

Wheelchair icon

Wheelchair Accessible Seating Available

To provide adequate seating for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, along with their accompanying guests, please reserve seating near the front of the audience with an unobstructed view of the stage/speaker.

This allows individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing access to the speaker and the sign language interpreter, along with equal access to the program.