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Request an Accommodation

The Office of Equity and Diversity serves in a coordinating role for Knoxville-area faculty and staff with documented disabilities who seek reasonable accommodations in order to perform the essential functions of their jobs. OED works with employees, their health care providers, and their respective departments to determine whether and how individuals with disabilities may be accommodated at the workplace.

Initiate the Process

This process is initiated by the employee or his or her supervisor through contact with the Knoxville campus Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) coordinator. Employees are encouraged to telephone the ADA coordinator at (865) 974-2498, or schedule an appointment by calling the same number. The ADA coordinator is housed in the Office of Equity and Diversity located at 1840 Melrose Avenue, Knoxville, TN 37996.

Medical Documentation

As a necessary part of determining whether the employee has a disability, OED’s process will require appropriate medical documentation and possible consultation with the employee’s physicians and health care providers. Any information gathered by OED will be handled confidentially and will only be shared as needed with appropriate personnel to consider the implementation of a reasonable accommodation at the employee’s workplace.

To expedite a request for accommodation, employees are invited to complete the university’s reasonable accommodation request form and have their health care provider complete the medical information request form prior to the employee’s meeting with the ADA coordinator. Incomplete medical information will cause a delay in assessing the employee’s request.

Review of Request

All requests for accommodation will be reviewed on an individual basis. OED will work with the employee and the department to consider the nature of the request, the supporting medical documentation, the essential functions of the position, and the needs of the department. Any changes in an employee’s medical condition or job functions may require the review and consideration of additional or updated medical documentation.