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Contacting Candidates

Principal candidates may be contacted and interviews scheduled as soon as the Narrative Summary has been approved. The interview process can be time intensive. Careful, advanced planning on the part of the search committee can help make the process as productive as possible. The interview process provides the department an opportunity to further assess a candidate’s credentials; additionally, it provides an opportunity to promote the position and the campus to the candidate. Note: It may be helpful to start arranging potential interview schedules and time frames even before candidates to be interviewed have been identified. It is especially helpful to prearrange blocks of time for interviews with campus administrators whose schedules are often full well in advance.

Scheduling the Interview

  1. Pay attention to detail. The candidate’s first impression of the campus may come from the scheduling of the interview. Lack of proper planning may indicate a lack of real interest in the candidate.
  2. Make arrangements for meeting the candidate at the airport and transporting him or her to the pre-arranged hotel or housing. Confirm all arrangements as far in advance as possible. Fax or send a copy of the itinerary, transportation and housing arrangements to the candidate. Be sure to include the name of the person(s) who will provide transportation to and from the airport, and to and from the interview sessions.
  3. Determine who should participate in the interview (faculty, staff, administrators, students). Consult calendars and schedule interview appointments as early as possible. Be sure to include those campus constituents with whom the candidate will interact. It can be very helpful to candidates if the relevance of each person involved in the interview process is explained. Upper level searches: OED must be included in the interview process for candidates in an upper level search.
  4. Be consistent with the interview format and questions. Consider preparing a list of questions that will be asked of all candidates. Review the questions in advance and consult “Appropriate and Inappropriate Areas of Interview Inquiries.”
  5. Avoid altering an interview itinerary. Confirm the interview schedule with each person involved in the process prior to the candidate’s visit to campus.
  6. Consider scheduling breaks during the day(s) for the candidate; however, avoid having large unscheduled gaps of time during the visit.
  7. Provide an interview schedule to those involved in the interview process.

Conducting the Interviews

Information Regarding Appropriate/Inappropriate Areas of Inquiry During the Interview, Reference Check stage of the Hiring Process

Appropriate/Inappropriate Areas of Inquiry PDF

Interviewing candidates and checking references are critical steps in the hiring process. In an effort to provide guidance to members of search committees, interviewers, and those involved in reference checks.

Internal Candidates

Treat all internal candidates with the same professionalism and decorum as exhibited to all external candidates. The itinerary for internal candidates should mirror that designed for interviewing external candidates.