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Submit a Request to Search

Step 2: Submit a Request to Search Form (RTS) and Meet with OED

Form(s) Required: Request to Search Form 

Submit a Request to Search Form (RTS)

The request to search form (RTS) is used to notify all appropriate parties that a position is open and will be filled. Information on the RTS form will be used to advertise the position and form a viable applicant pool. The RTS form includes the position description, which identifies the basic qualifications of the position. All related position announcements, advertisements, and other information disseminated about the position must mirror the wording for the job qualifications (required and desired) given on the RTS form. However, information about the University campus, the Knoxville region, and/or the department itself1 may be included in position and website listings without also being included in paid advertisements.

Approval of the RTS form by OED begins the advertising and recruitment phase of the search process. Position advertisements and announcements may be placed in publications immediately upon approval of the RTS form by the appropriate signatures. OED will distribute the approval form to all appropriate parties, including Human Resources for posting on the university’s vacancy website. The date of approval by OED begins the required minimum posting period.2 Advertising may occur prior to the required search committee meeting with OED.

Meet with OED

After the RTS form is approved, the search chair must contact OED to schedule a search meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to provide assistance and answer questions related to the search and interview process. Under very limited circumstances, and for searches conducted by the Extension and Experiment Station, this meeting can be waived or modified.


1 Hiring units should consult the OED website and UT Media Relations for possible useful information about the university and Knoxville region that could be helpful in recruiting potential applicants.

2 The minimum posting period is four (4) weeks for regular, external positions; two (2) weeks for regular internal positions. Requests for a reduced time period must be justified in writing.

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