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EEO Self-Identification Information


EEO Self-Identification Form

Interfolio acknowledges and captures resumes, vitaes and all self-identified EEO data.  However, if you are not utilizing Interfolio for your search, when the Search Chair (or designated support staff) receives resumes and vitaes they should acknowledge the documents by sending written correspondence (using the same common language) to each applicant explaining receipt of the application. Included with the acknowledgement letter should be the University’s Self Identification form. It is mandatory that the self-identification form be sent to each applicant. However, failure to complete the form cannot be used as a means to reject an applicant.

If your department is not utilizing Interfolio OED will provide a self-identification form, with a specifically assigned number upon approval of the RTS. Applicants may either fill out form and return to OED or fill out their information electronically Self Id Form (a specific search number is required to enter the site).  All information gathered from the returned self-identification forms will be compiled by OED and made available to the Search Committee upon request.

Whether or not your department is utilizing Interfolio please email Nicole Cangey at to request a report.  The Search Committee should use the data to help determine the diversity of the applicant pool and to respond to questions listed on the Narrative Summary Form (NS).

Consideration of the Self-Identification Form

Information from the EEO Self-Identification form will provide a demographic profile of the applicant pool. If the search committee believes that the applicant pool does not adequately represent the composition of available potential candidates, the committee may consult the Department Head/Director, Dean, Vice Chancellor, Vice Provost, or OED for additional ideas to augment the recruiting efforts.


  • If the search has been advertised without a cut-off date for receipt of applications, the committee can broaden the recruiting efforts to identify additional applicants.
  • If the search has been advertised with a cut-off date, the position may need to be re-advertised.  Use this opportunity to re-evaluate the job position to include qualifications, timing of search, recruiting sources, job title/rank, etc.
  • If the committee decides to extend the search and re-advertise, all applicants who have applied should be notified in writing of the re-opening and asked to affirm their continued interest.  If an applicant does not respond to the request for affirmation, he/she should still be included in the narrative summary for statistical purposes.
  • The department also can elect to close the search and open a new search at a later date.


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