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Screen and Evaluate Applicants

Each Search Committee will devise its own methods for reviewing and assessing applicant files. The process and criteria must be consistently applied to all applicants.  All applicant files should be available for all committee members to review if they choose to do so.

  • The Search Chair, or Committee, or Subcommittee may determine whether applicants meet the minimum qualifications specified in the position announcement.  Files of applicants who do not meet minimum qualifications may be separated from those who do.  However, all must be counted as part of the total applicant pool for that search.
  • The use of objective measuring tools has proven to be helpful in the review and evaluative process.  Search committees may elect to develop scoring sheets/screening forms/evaluation sheets and/or some form of rating system that assigns weights to particular “required” or “desired” criteria.  If such tools are used, they should be kept as a part of the hiring unit’s search records.
  • As a means to help narrow the applicant pool, search committees, depending on the type of position being filled, may request samples of documents written by applicants, select a range of top applicants and develop written questions for their responses, and/or conduct pre-screen telephone calls or Zoom meetings to provide the applicant with more information about the position.

These are just a few of the evaluation methods that may be considered for use by Search Committees. Committees have a great deal of flexibility in determining how to select top applicants. However, any criteria used must be applied to all applicants at each appropriate level.

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