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Title IX Reporting Options

Reporting Options

OED works closely with the Office of Title IX to ensure that students and employees  know where and how to report an incident of sexual misconduct:  File a Report with Title IX    Procedures for investigating and resolving allegations of conduct prohibited by the University’s policy on Sexual Misconduct (including sexual harassment) depend on whether the person being complained about (respondent) is a student or an employee.

Procedures for filing a formal complaint when the respondent is a student is described here:  Student Conduct

Procedures for a filing a formal complaint when the respondent is an employee or third party is described here:   Formal Complaint

Procedures for Informal Complaint Resolution

The goal of the informal process is to attempt to reach a resolution that is acceptable to both the person filing the complaint (the complainant) and the person responding to the complaint (the respondent). The university does not make a formal determination as to whether a respondent has violated university policy. If you attempt to resolve the issue through the informal process, you may still decide to proceed with a formal complaint at any time during the informal process or after completion of the informal process if a mutually acceptable resolution is not reached.

Requests for Limited Action

A Complainant may request that the Complainant’s contact with OED not be disclosed to the Respondent, that no investigation be conducted, or that no disciplinary action be taken. OED will consider and weigh that request against the University’s obligation to provide a safe, non-discriminatory environment for all members of the University community, including the Complainant. For example, if the University has credible information that the Respondent has violated the University’s policy against discriminatory harassment, the University may decide that it should investigate the allegation, and, if appropriate, pursue disciplinary action in a manner that may make known the Complainant’s identity to Respondent.

Complainants are encouraged, but not required, to attempt to resolve issues through the administrative structure of the employment unit or academic department. If a Complainant does not wish to do so, he or she may decide to seek either an informal or formal resolution with OED. If a Complainant requests an informal resolution, OED does not decide as to whether a Respondent has violated University policy. Instead, OED attempts to facilitate a mutually acceptable resolution. Possible informal resolutions might include, but are not limited to: (1) an agreement by the Respondent to cease the behavior; (2) assisting the Respondent to better understand the effects of his or her conduct and ways in which the behavior might be changed; or (3) participation in education programs about equal opportunity or diversity.

Please also refer to Title IX’s website for Procedures When Filing a Report